Stairwell Flex-Gate®

What is Flex-Gate®?

The Stairwell Flex-Gate® is a high strength dry flood protection closure that can be deployed rapidly for flood mitigation of stairwells. It was originally developed for use in the New York City subway system, but can be used in a wide range of applications.

How it Works

The Stairwell Flex-Gate® functions similarly to a roll-up storefront security door in that it resides in a small container and is pulled across the opening when an event occurs. The flexible cover travels in guides during deployment, and seals against them when challenged with water. 

Product Attributes:

  • All components are stored at its point-of-use (no scrambling for parts in an emergency)
  • It can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation above or in the stairwell
  • Small volume container – unobtrusive & low visual impact
  • Design is scalable to water levels up to 30ft and deployable in high winds
  • Deploy in under 10 minutes by a single person with minimal training and no special equipment
  • Manually operated (can be automated)

Product Types:

  • Horizontal stairwell (single or multiple lane)
  • Vertical stairwell (at bottom of stairs) 


  1. Open tamperproof step and guiderail plates
  2. Crank cover to closed position using supplied ratchet
  3. Lock end sealing plate & deploy entrance guard
  4. Reverse procedure to open system

Our solutions are built to order for your application.

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