Is New York Ready for Another Sandy?

In New York City, the M.T.A. received four billion dollars in federal money for Sandy recovery and resiliency work, which it has spent on innovative deployable flood barriers, such as the Flex Gate and the Resilient Tunnel Plug, more water-resistant submarine cable, two new pump trains, and structural improvements to the tunnels.

To Flood-Proof Subways, N.Y. Looks At Everything From Plugs To Sheets

Eight months after that first meeting, ILC Dover was installing a prototype Flex-Gate on Canal Street in lower Manhattan. Now it's building 23 more. Cadogan says that's pretty quick.

To stem the tide: ILC Dover lands New York subway flood protection contract

"We looked at a number of methods and new, emerging technologies to keep flood waters out of our system," said Kevin Ortiz, spokesman for New York City's Metropolitan Transit Agency. "ILC Dover has been able to adapt its technology to our specifications."