Can We Make Our Subways Flood-Proof or What?

Last year ILC won a contract to install 25 “flexgates” on stairway entrances to subway stations in the low-lying areas near Canal and Varick Streets in Lower Manhattan, 14 of which have been installed. Stored in an unobtrusive metal case at the top of the entrance, the cover – made of tightly interwoven Kevlar belts and a layer of waterproof fabric – is designed to be unrolled quickly in the event of a flash flood.

New York City just unveiled the subway of the future — here's what it looks like

The city has already started looking at how to engineer flood-proof subways. Among the ideas are the "Flex-Gate," large waterproof sheets that cover subway entrances to keep the water out, and the "resilient tunnel plug," a giant balloon that inflates to plug up a tunnel.

SMART VENT® Partners with NASA Space Suit Designers at ILC DOVER to Launch Line of Dry Floodproofing Products

SMART VENT PRODUCTS, INC. and ILC DOVER LP have officially partnered to bring to market a new line of Dry Floodproofing products. Flex-Wall™ is a low cost approach that utilizes a high strength flexible wall, which can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings and equipment.