New York City's giant inflatable ‘plugs’ could keep subway tunnels from flooding

The plugs, developed by the US Department of Homeland Security and engineering firm ILC Dover, work like balloons that keep water from entering the tunnels. If the city knows that another serious hurricane is coming, officials can shut down at-risk stations and inflate the plugs (which can also stop gas and smoke in the event of a terrorist attack).

Can New York City Waterproof Its Subway?

A recent partnership with a specialized product engineering firm, ILC Dover, has yielded a bespoke flood-proof stairwell barrier that draws inspiration from both window shades and spacesuits. It’s called the Flex-Gate™.

ILC Dover Strengthens Flood Protection Group

ILC Dover’s newest Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) will join Smart Vent Products’ team of twenty CFM to form one of the most experienced and skilled floodplain design and management groups in the country.