Del. company unveils flood protection technology

The technology would be placed in strategic locations, such as underground subway systems or tunnels where there is water flowing and flooding is possible. The tunnel plugs will be pre-installed in a compacted container and can easily be deployed in the event of flooding threat. During Tuesday's unveiling, engineers also showcased other flood protection solutions, such as flex gates and flex walls. "They can be used anywhere, it can go around any building or to be attached to any building that is at risk at flooding,"

ILC Dover shows off device to block flooding, terrorist threats in tunnels

With the threat of terrorism and seas both rising, the Department of Homeland Security is worried about car and subway tunnel safety. For the last 10 years, they’ve been brainstorming different technologies to protect tunnels in the event of a catastrophe. The Department of Homeland Security and ILC Dover on Tuesday showed off a giant, inflatable structure designed to stop flooding in tunnels. The resilient tunnel plug sits on a shelf on the side of a subway tunnel. It’s only about 5 feet tall.

DHS Tests a Giant, Subway-protecting Balloon

The plug, similar to a large balloon, rapidly inflates to seal the perimeter of a tunnel, according to DHS' Science and Technology Directorate. DHS worked with ILC Dover, a manufacturing company, the Pacific Northwest Laboratory within the Energy Department, and West Virginia University.