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ILC Dover is a world leader in the innovative design and production of engineered products employing high-performance flexible materials. Since 1947, ILC has provided engineered solutions to complex customer problems. Known for the production of space suits for NASA, we leverage our vast materials, engineering, process, and design experience to create high performance systems for a wide range of industries.

Smart Vent Products is the leading manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and has an ICC-ES Certified product line with dual-function and insulated engineered models for residential and commercial applications.

ILC Dover and Smart Vent have partnered and developed technology that makes Dry Floodproofing non-residential buildings a safer option. The line of Dry Floodproofing Products is called the Flex-Wall®.

The Flex-Wall® is a high strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings or equipment. It is constructed from textile-based materials and metal posts that reside in a small container and are manually deployed. The Flex-Wall can be long, to surround buildings, or short, to close off doorways. All parts and equipment are stored at the point-of-use for maximum efficiency in an emergency.

Flex-Wall® provides a second-to-none dry floodproofing option:

  • Point-of-use storage: eliminating the need for off-site storage and fees
  • Rapid deployment: deploy in minutes with minimal manpower and no heavy equipment
  • Scalable designs: can be sized to fit any opening or threat
  • Robust construction & advanced materials: constructed with layered Kevlar® structural webbing with a coated fabric water retention layer

View our full product line including the Flex-Wall®, Portal Flex-Gate®, Stairwell Flex-Gate®, Flex-Cover®, and Resilient Tunnel Plug on our Products Page.

Through our team of world-class engineers and Certified Floodplain Managers, we provide infrastructure flood protection solutions to any design or building throughout the world subject to flooding. Submit your plans to to get started and receive a complimentary floodproofing layout.